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Radio communication up to 500 km in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala

  • By the year 1995, "license raj" had practically been abolished and various industries saw exponential growth in their businesses.
  • New units were set up which required voice and data links so that production could be monitored 'round the clock.
  • Talk PRO was the first telecom company in the country to connect factories and offices up to 500 km away. It also provided mobile communication in buses and cars which travelled between Bangalore, Coimbatore, Salem, and up to the port of Tuticorin.
  • This long-distance, private intercom system, also called radio trunking system, handled 1500 subscribers and connected customers in Pondicherry, Salem, Bangalore, Hosur, Coimbatore, and Palghat.
  • Radio trunking was fully designed and commissioned by the engineers of Talk PRO. Motorola was the supplier of handsets and vehicle-mounted radios.
  • Telecom companies like BPL, Aircel, and RPG used the Talk PRO radio network extensively for setting up their paging systems and cellular networks in the region.
  • Talk PRO is a respected name in the telecom field, admired by the likes of Nokia and Motorola for setting up a radio network costing a fraction of what it would cost internationally. More than a dozen telecom players were given the technical know-how to set up similar networks in India.

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Task: In 1998, Talk PRO was assigned the task of setting up a radio communication network comprising of VHF, UHF and HF systems. Exploration sites of Cairn India in Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the onshore sites in Rajasthan were to be connected to the command control centre in their head office at Gurgaon. The radio communication system had to be interfaced with the VSat and leased lines for seamless connectivity.

Arranging statutory clearances from Ministry of Shipping and Transport, and frequency approvals from the Ministry of Telecommunication was a part of the assignment.

Talk PRO successfully supplied, installed, and commissioned the network in 90 days with all the regulatory approvals. Cairn has retained Talk PRO to maintain its radio network comprising more than 1000 radios in the marine and aero bands, and also manage its radio licenses.

Iconet is our preferred radio vendor of 15 years. We have no hestitation in mentioning that Iconet is one of the best wireless equipment companies in India.

- Mark Kinsella
Country Head IT and Communication Cairn India

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